Autumn-winter 2004



Recently, ODJEK decided to develop a website. Many reasons are behind that decision. One of them is our limited distribution and the interest in ODJEK among people outside Bosnia (neighboring countries, as well as Bosnians worldwide). This website would contain an archive with a large volume of texts already published in ODJEK. This way we would be available to a much larger audience and to all Internet users.

Our goal is to reach all potential readers and writers, students and the young population as well, with the aim of facilitating development of their academic interests and skills. Through ODJEK they will have a connection with the latest trends in politics, science, literature and arts. That is very important considering the fact that students and young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in former Yugoslavia are in the inferior position compared to their western colagues when it comes to the availability of literature. ODJEK is a useful reference point for all those interested in social sciences, art and culture who want to start researching various democratisation issues, human rights, literature, art information...It would be available for them online.

By establishing a webpage ODJEK gives an oportunity to open up space for creative regional dialogue regarding number of issues in former Yugoslavia (democratisation, nationalism, ethnicity, reconciliation, tolerance, gender issues, and other emerging problems in our society).

Our webpages will be in Bosnian. But, from time to time we will issue ODJEK in English. Creating a webpage in English will give an opportunity to promote works of local authors, but also writers who write especially for ODJEK in English.

Creation of the ODJEK webpage archive shall not only prove the continuity of the ODJEK quality, but also make all those valuable texts available to regional and international target grups and give them an oportunity for resarch based on historical and comparative methods.

ODJEK will continue to promote all valuable ideas, writings, literature … That approach is extremely important in this period of social reconstruction. BH society in this post-war period is in need of a scientific review of high criteria, which would inspire democratization, promote humanistic values, and give critical review supported by sound scientific evidence with regard to current situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in the rest of the world. ODJEK can help in that process.

Nermina Kurspahić